Calling All Moguls of Media

I am currently in search of original content and media professionals that would like to have a free platform to be seen and heard by an immediate 4000+ Top Pros in the Media Industry on the very first day of traffic for each of a 10 site multi-platform media site launch.

Each site that ties into All Media Hub is for a specific area of advice and professional opinions within the Multimedia Industry.  Each site requires a certain skill-set and enthusiasm for qualified candidates who would like to contribute.

There will never be any soliciting of any kind.  So it will be entirely up to you to be a part. Content for each site is only going to be by professionals who just enjoy what they do and would like to help in the ways they can.

People needed are:

Moguls – On three separate platforms.

First of which will be for investments; your thoughts, your practices, good habits, winners, losses, your take on the investment opportunities within the Broadcast and Multimedia Industry as a whole.

Secondly, for bios, and just overall media industry thoughts you might have and would like people specifically in the media industry to read about your story.  You could be a mogul but nobody other than those in your company really know that much about you.  This is your chance to let that story get told of how you did it and inspire others.

Thirdly, Houses, Land, and the Lifestyle of a Mogul.  Want to show off your new Summer cottage?  Help inspire those who want to some day reach that level in their careers.  Show off what you have earned.  We want great pictures, videos, and blogs about your lavish lifestyle.

Anchor’s – On Several platforms.

Share your experience for the younger up-and-comers.  The do’s, the don’t.  The tips and tricks that helped you become the success you are today.  We want your stories.

MMJ’s – Your Very Own Platform

You are the next generation of media, let your voice be heard to those who want to hear it.  Give us your demo’s to promote you if you like.  Tell us about how the new age up and coming crop will rise to the occasion and how the vets can help usher in the new age of reporting styles.

Broadcast Engineers – Multiple Tech Platforms

IP is right around the corner in the Broadcast Industry.  I know because I am at the first facility in the world that will have it fully integrated.  Contribute your thoughts, your expertise, and your creativity.  Share your cutting edge views with us all.

Are you ready for Virtual Reality taking over?  Looking for experts in the Virtual Reality field too.

Operations – Any site that needs to hear what you have to say

Are there things that could make your work day smoother?  Do you have ideas that you think could help everyone.  Tips, tricks, and just the everyday life of operations in the Multimedia industry.  We want your thoughts.

Writers/Producers/Bloggers – Every site needs you

What are the latest stories that gripped you?  We want you to tell us the story of telling the stories, as only you can.  Be heard from behind the scenes.  Let us give you the credit you deserve.

Podcasters – We have a site for you too, all of you

We are looking for anyone who wishes to submit their podcasts that deal with topics in the media industry, about the media industry and just want some extra exposure for free. Here is a platform for your podcast to be heard by media professionals across the board. That is the specific niche we would like to reach with every segment we put up.

Artist’s – Individual sites

We develop individual concept’s to promote your talent and get you seen by media professionals across all spectrum’s of the media industry.

So there you have it, those professionals who would like to contribute or become a featured prospect feel free to email  So we can begin dialog on how we can get you heard.  Thank you.




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